Monkey Pickles

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monkey Pickles taking Being a Goofball to a new level.

Hello fellow Monkey Picklers, Let this be the first seed of thought that will blossom into sparkles, joyness, and more joyness. We are sending this with muches and bunches of cartoon bubble overload. Monkey Pickles is in the process of going to a new level and making a big leap this summer so stand by.. We have a bunch of things up or sleeve that we have been working on. So the winds of change will be blowing this summer and we couldnt be more exicted about it. We are even more excited for the fact that Monkey Pickles itself started as a cartoon bubble and became reality because of wonderful people that enjoyed having fun with us and we find more goofballs everyday. so this is a Thank You to all the people that enjoy being a goofball, easily distracted, and never are bored ieven if left with your own thoughts. Its great to see many friendships form through Monkey Pickles. So standy by goofballs its only going to get cooler !!! I truley think the next stage will be beyond what you are thinking.

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