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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So today I will write about absolutely nothing at all !! How fun is this just not worried about anything specific. I have yet to read any blog or article where they have chosen to write about nothing. Lets see. ummmmm nope nothing comes to mind. Did you know that nothing is a seven letter word and has it's origin in Old English: nānthing, nathing then was converted to Middle English around the 1600's. Converting nothing must have been hard work for the blacksmiths and masonry's of that time our current scientific community are still trying to figure it out. When was the last time you actually thought of nothing at all? Even when your sleeping its hard to think about nothing. Imagine all the work our minds have to go through to just think about nothing at all for alot of us that alone is hard to comprehend. Here are some common Synonyms for nothing: nonexistence, nobody or nihility. It was hard enough to type the word Synonym let alone find some actual meaning stuff for it. What the heck is that word "nihility" its Greek to me but typed in English. Its amazing when you type the word "nothing" into google talk about a good for nothing waste of time but hey it was my time not yours try for yourself if you like the Internet is free to do that kinda stuff. Well I just tried that "nihility" and pretty boring search results besides their was a cool band that I came across with that name wow those guys were creative to come up with that. Well I'm done thinking about nothing.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Video of the week....

Well will start a Video of the Week !!! Enjoying all funny of the wall videos. I hope everyone enjoys. In your searching of the web if you happen to run across anything that you think would be good for Monkey Pickles. Please share by emailing the link to the contact listed at the bottom of the page. Thanks..

This is well put together great video-remix to the artist. I mean really you want to take the kids bacon from him? You have to draw the line somewhere don't ya? I would put my foot down also. Sure Bacon isn't necessarily the best thing for ya, but just to quit bacon cold turkey would be a little rough. HAHAHHA This video literally had me laughing out loud.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Monkey Pickles Searching...

Monkey Pickles is looking for some creative writers that would like to start to get there name out on the WEB. If you like to write about random nonsensical topics and act serious about it; then please feel free to submit ideas to the email listed on the bottom of the page. Here is some topic ideas to think about..

- Whats your favorite color and why?
- Short little stories about any fictional character
- Traveling to made up locations and what it was like.
- Thoughts on many uses of a random word.

These are a few to start with but any other ideas feel free to use just shoot me an email letting me know what your thinking about and we can get started. Also Monkey Pickles will soon go and launch YOUTUBE videos that line up with community of Monkey Pickles so if you have a few ideas feel free to submit them to the email below. We will catch you all later..