Monkey Pickles


November 2008:  Monkey Pickles was a funny phrase being used in refernce to "Bananas"

Monkey Pickles 2009
  • January: Domain Names were purchased
  • Febuary:  "How to create a website" book was purchased
  • March:  Test idea was launched as a Facebook Group to see where it would lead. At the end of March their were 30 goofballs posting in a group  on funny discussion topics like "Things I'd Like to Squish", "If a had a penny for everytime..." and the the infamous "Big Red Wiffle Ball Bats"
  • April:  Logo created and copywrited (C)
  • March: 300 Goofballs found a Happy Place in the group. and Fan Page officially launched...
  • June:  Blog launched and 1st T-shirt store opened
  • August:  We sent an official message about closing the Group and transistioning everything to our Fan Page.  about 800 Goofballs were in their Happy Place
  • September:  The Group was locked down and started  the process of closing. T-Shirt store closed
  • October: Monkey Pickles Twitter hit the scene with a Big Red Wiffle Ball Bat in tote..
  • November: Rolls over the 1,000 mark on Facebook... T-Shirt store re-opened under Spreadshirt. and registered business name.  also featured in Spreadshirt blog.
Monkey Pickles 2010
  • January: T-Shirt of the Month Launched
  • March: Between Twitter, Facebook and blog community grows to 2,000 people. 
  • April:  Celebrates Monkey Pickles turning 1 year old be going to ACME Comedy Club and ended our 1st writing contest with over 20 submisssions.