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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adventures of Jaley Evans #2

So it continues......

I was scrupulously working on an exclusive story. It was about the Bull Ant population and a cutting edge mating experiment to replenish their numbers. My editor, Mr. Renal, came over and leaned on the edge of my folding table sending all of my things to the kitchen floor. I don’t have an office yet. I am working on a folding table in the hub of the building. Mr. Renal confides that I am doing very well and should be moved to the hallway soon. For now he wants me to stay next to the coffee pot. It has a faulty wiring problem and needs to stay full or there is possibility of a blaze. With my attention to detail, I am the one for the job. I know he would have helped me pick up my things if it wasn’t for an injury to his back received in the war protecting my freedom.

“Jaley, I have the perfect investigative project for you” he said, supportively kicking items my way. “You are the only one here I trust can handle it and I need you.” I could see the intensity in his eyes and basked in his conviction.

“Local drycleaners are overcharging a select group of professional clients to bolster declining business. I need you to infiltrate the inner circle and find out who they are targeting.”

I couldn’t believe that I was breaking into mainstream journalism this quickly and remained intently focused on him. I quaked as he further outlined my opportunity.

“The staff and I will support your efforts by bringing in clothing. You can drop it off and pick it up while you do your research.”

I tried to stay unruffled as I was writing each detail but my hands continued to quaver.

He straightened his silk tie urbanely, gave me a knowing glance and turned to amble away.

“Oh Jaley,” he turned back to dictate strongly “There is also a buzz that the Starbucks on 5th and Vine may be working in conjunction with the DC owners.”

“DC owners?” I asked, awed at his journalistic flair.

“Dry clean owners.” He retorted, brow furrowed “you should stop there before returning to the office.”

His eyes grew bright. I could tell he felt assured I would break this story. I wanted to show that I was fully committed so I countered him “I could purchase menu items for the office so no one would suspect me”.

As he sauntered away he mumbled, “Jaley, you ARE going places. Really going places.” I heard him laughing confidently.

I felt such a strong sense of passion burning inside me. This was the reason I had delved into journalism in the first place. I had studied so many years for these opportunities.

Mr. Renal has since even given me a carpool narrative to write. I pick his children up as to not expose myself to the others. He is a selfless man in giving me the tools I need to succeed. He and the team have contributed greatly to my research efforts. I am on my way to great journalistic achievement.

Monkey Pickles would like to take the time to thank the writer @ The Invisible Seductress

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shiney Things

This is a Monkey Pickles favorite. Most of us love the sight of shiney things they are very distracting and cool at the same time. I can easily be distracted from focused thought from anything really shiney.. or sparkly.. I would have to give this young lady the cake for enthusiasm for shiney things. She might be a little over the top but + 5 cool points for her love of shiney things. I don't seek them out but allow myself to pleasantly distracted by them. Here is my list of wonderful shiney things that distract me pretty easy..

1) Christmas Lights
2) Executive Pens
3) Women's hair clips
4) New silverware
5) Ornaments
6) Key chains
7) Swarkoskis Crystals
8) Rims
9) Cuff links
10) Any kind of glitter.

Whats your Top Ten List ?

I know Shiney is spelled Shi..... oh sparkles... so cool.. wait what was I thinking about again.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Wheels

These wonderful childhood toys got most kids moving along faster than walking for the first time. Very colorful and first time most of us tried to customize or trick out tool of mobility. Placing little streamers all over the place finding something to splash some color on etc. I remember how fun it was to get a bunch of fellow buddies together for a parking lot ride, or playing big wheel smash up slamming into each other. now they have slightly larger ones that adults use to have fun with. If you lose your inner kid then life becomes slower and boring. I give my hats off to Big Kid Big Wheel riders. You weren't a serious big wheel rider until your front tire was all split up. Here is some fun history on these mobile fascinations.

History of...

A Big Wheel is a type of tricycle, usually made of plastic, with an over sized front wheel, that rides very low to the ground. Introduced by Louis Marx and Company in 1969, the Big Wheel was a very popular toy in the 1970s in the United States, partly because of its low cost and partly because consumer groups said it was a safer alternative to the traditional tricycle or bicycle.

The design was quickly imitated, under a variety of brand names. Although Big Wheel was a registered trademark, it was frequently used as a generic name for any toy whose design resembled that of Marx. Marx sold the Big Wheel brand name and molds in the early 1970s to Empire Plastics, makers of the Power Cycle brand, which was Marx's biggest competitor.

By the late 1990s, few manufacturers were making these toys, and Empire filed for bankruptcy in 2001. The Big Wheel brand was reintroduced under new ownership in 2003.


So I must say let your fascination with these things a start all over again.
Here is a lovely video original 1970's commercial. My only funny little notice is what is up with the cat ? how does that relate to having fun with Big Wheels?

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adventures of Jaley Evans

Short note Monkey Pickles would like to take the time to thank the writer @ The Invisible Seductress for wnating to respond to the call of "Monkey Pickles Searching" a new character adventure has been created.

So it begins......

I was traveling by supply truck to a very secluded location. With every bump the truck’s cavity shook ominously. The terrain was very rocky and we were told we were on a perilous back road. Not to worry, our heavily armed confidant divulged, it is heavily patrolled and swept for land mines or ambush.
I had been blindfolded hours ago as to further protect the destination. It was only myself and one other journalist being given this elite access. I didn’t see him but I recognized his voice and the smell of fruit jam. It was Willard Scott, I was in the company of a virtuoso of news reporting. The mood was tense and I stayed alert to every inexplicable noise and motion. Willard, ever the professional, was calmly chatting it up with the guard while I nervously practiced my interview in my head. With every jar he selflessly protected my heaving chest with a nice firm squeeze. He even grasped my thigh when he thought I was slipping off the thin metal bench seat. We finally arrived at location and were lead into an empty metal corridor before being unmasked. Long and wide, it was devoid of character and sound bounced off every wall like a ricocheting bullet. The air was musty and a rancid oil smell lingered thickly. It was an aroma that I had dreamt about my whole fledgling career. I drank it in, like a Russian man gulping Vodka. Willard just smiled at my wonder and touched my waist caringly making sure I was stable for the walk. Thousands of bellowing footsteps later we arrived at the main door, which opened with a moan. The air wafting out of the room overtook me with emotion. The sounds of crumpling and reverberating voices were deafening. Then something utterly amazing happened! A worker screamed uncontrollably and all sound ceased in reverence. Her words were foreign but the tone of excitement palpable. I stood in the underground CPCIRL. The surreptitious Celebrity Potato Chip Image Recognition Lab. The underground location where the hallowed “Potato Chip President” display is being held. I stood in awe in the very facility Angelina, Brad and all of their spud’s faces are represented regally in potato chip form. Everyday, 350 expert Potato Chip Recognition Technicians peruse 300,000 bags of plain potato chips. I was there for the astonishing inauguration of a new celebrity chip. Willard embraced me and tenderly kissed my cheek close to my agape mouth. After intense image verification, the chip was deemed an authentic replica and the crowd erupted in celebration. Today the first ever potato chip image of Lady GaGa was found and in chip form, there was no bump.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beach Balls

Is it possible to be bored in the presence of one? More than likely not here are a few examples you can maybe relate with. When you walk by a huge basket of them in a department store ! When a fellow sibling makes you angry you can wind up as hard as possible and all your might and let them have it no bodily harm. I'm sure you've had the chance to be showered in them at a sporting event or concert. Magnifico. My personal favorite is the Tie Dyed blue ones doesn't matter on the size either I feel like a little kid when eating bacon in the presence of one. Here is an interesting fact for ya: The beach ball's invention is usually credited to Jonathon DeLonge in 1938. (wikipedia rocks) Who knew they have been around that long. Also what a thing to invent huh just sitting around one day. Then say I wish I could make a lighter ball to have joyness with ?? Those little or large inflatable balls are sure to kick any party into high gear when people have their hands on them they can't control bouncing, throwing, or using as a spur of the moment prop. So the next time you have the pleasure of enjoying some time with one make it something to remember.

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